Board of Sharia Experts (BSE)

Mufti Muhammad Muaz Ashraf

Founder & Director Sharia Experts Board

Mufti Muhammad Muaz Ashraf is a Certified Sharia Advisor & Auditor (CSAA-AAOIFI) and an expert in field of Islamic Financial Jurisprudence, Islamic Banking & Finance and Halal Industry. He is the founder and Director of Center for Halal Assurance and serving as a Research Sharia Scholar (Sharia Compliance Department) at Meezan Bank. He’s the Head of Sharia Advisory at Cannar Venture (USA, UAE, UK, Canada, Pakistan) and a Member Sharia Advisory Board at Global Halal Assurance. He’s also associated with AAOIFI as a Sharia Scholar on the project of Urdu Sharia Standards. Besides being the Deputy Regional Head and faculty member of Centre for Islamic Economics (CIE) and Sharia Consultant to several local and international organizations, he teaches Islamic Jurisprudence in Pakistan and serves as a member Darul-Ifta (Mufti) at Jamia Ashrafiya Lahore.

Mufti Muaz graduated as a Sharia Scholar (Alim/Shahdat-ul-Almiyah) and specialized in islamic Jurisprudence as a Mufti (Juris Doctorate) from Jamia Darululoom Karachi. He has written and issued several hundred expert legal opinions (Fatawa) on general Islamic sciences, primarily focusing on Fiqh-ul Muamlat, Halal Industry and Islamic finance.

Mufti Muaz has received several certificates in Islamic Banking and Takaful from different institutions including AAOIFI (Bahrain), Centre for Islamic Economics (CIE), IBA Karachi, State Bank of Pakistan and Meezan Bank. In addition, he has been honored with certificates in AAOIFI Sharia Standards, Halal Industry, Halal Food Management, Halal Lead Auditor, Islamic REITs and certificate in Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2015, SGS-IRCA).

Mufti Muhammad Muaz Ashraf has designed and structured many Sharia Compliant models and products for multiple organizations, institutions and companies. He has written several research papers focusing on Halal Industry and Islamic Banking & Finance and presented them at different international conferences. He is a well versed lecturer and trainer in the field of general Islamic Sciences, Fiqh, Islamic Economics, Halal Industry and Islamic Banking & Finance.

Mufti Muhammad Suhaib Ashraf

Member Sharia Experts Board

Mufti Muhammad Suhaib Ashraf is a Shariah scholar who has done his specialization in Islamic Law (Fiqh) and holds double Master’s degree in Islamic studies and Arabic language, along with MS Islamic Banking and Finance. He is an expert in field of Islamic Banking & Finance and Halal industry. He has been practicing Fatwa writing for years and serves as Mufti at Jamia Ashrafiya Lahore. He also serves as Sharia Consultant to different organizations including Sakhawat Group of Companies in Pakistan.

Mufti Suhaib Ashraf also teaches Islamic Laws, Quran, Hadith, Fiqh, Islamic aspects of Economics and general Islamic sciences and studies at various Islamic organizations and Institutions. His specialities include:

  • Islamic banking and finance
  • Fiqhul Muamlat (Islamic Financial Jurisprudence)
  • General Islamic Sciences
  • Halal food industry
  • Research
  • Writing
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