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The world has witnessed revolutionary advancements in food industry in recent years. Among those, ingredients play vital role in production of any food items. Some are used to enhance the quality and taste, while others are used as preservatives and colors. As before long, consumers’ demand is changed widely, they want safe, nutritious and flavorful supply of food. Thus, food ingredients, additives & colors and technological advancements especially in food sector became the necessary elements to satisfy their wants.

The Purpose of Food & Color Additives:

  • To prolong freshness
  • To enhance nutritional value
  • To maintain appearance, quality and taste.

Food Additives and their Uses

Food additives are the substances that are directly or indirectly used in foods to maintain their freshness. For the time being, they are added abundantly and are important part of food ingredients. They may include:

  • Food colors like Yellow 5, Red 40
  • Flavor enhancers like yeast
  • Emulsifiers like Soy Lecithin, Mono and Diglycerides
  • Stabilizers like Guar Gum and Gelatin
  • Preservatives like calcium Sorbate and Ascorbic Acid.

Color Additives and their Uses

Color additives include dyes and pigments derived from both plants and animals to impart colors to food. The purpose of this is, to enhance natural colors, add colors into the colorless food for visual appeal, to help identify flavour and to neutralize the color loss due to exposure to light, heat, moisture and storage condition. Nowadays, color additives considered as a significant part in all processed food we eat. Color additives are also used in non-food items like in cosmetics, pharmaceutical, craft projects etc.

Examples of Colour Additives Are:

  • Annatto (E160b), a reddish orange dye made from seed of Achiote.
  • Carmine (E120), a red dye derived from Cochineal insects.
  • Turmeric (E100)
  • Lycopene (E160d)

Our Efforts for Halal Ingredients:

CEHA has an ambition that whatever people are eating and drinking should be halal. As a Halal certification body we provide Halal Certification to companies which are using or doing business related to food ingredients, additives, enhancers and colors. Our Sharia and technical experts make sure before certifying companies that services involved in food processing and food items including ingredients, additives, colors, flavors, packing material, logistics etc. are 100% Halal.

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