Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical

Halal Pharmaceutical Industry Challenges

The expanding global Muslim population has increased the demand for halal pharmaceuticals. However, there are several challenges for this emerging niche industry, foremost of which is in the need to establish a proper, well-regulated and harmonized accreditation and halal management system.

Our Efforts For Halal Pharmaceuticals

CEHA has an ambition that whatever people are consuming as medicine should be halal. As a Halal certification body we provide Halal Certification services to companies which are actively participating in pharmaceutical industry as a manufacturer or trader. Our experts make sure before certifying companies that services involved in processing and pharmaceutical items including ingredients, packaging material, logistics etc. are 100% Halal.

Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry is responsible for the development, production and marketing of medications. Thus, its immense importance as a global sector is inarguable. In 2014, total pharmaceutical revenues worldwide had exceeded one trillion U.S. dollars for the first time.

Halal Pharmaceuticals

Halal pharmaceuticals are those medicines that stringently adhere to Sharia law. More specifically, halal pharmaceuticals refer to medicines that should not contain any parts of animals (dogs, pigs and ones particularly with pointed teeth), insects (bees), alcohol and other substances prohibited as ‘Haram’ under the Sharia law.

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