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Our Services for Slaughter Houses, Halal Slaughtering and Halal Meat

As a Halal certification body we certify Meat, Poultry and Slaughter Houses, after careful inspection. We make sure before certifying that slaughtering is taking place according to Islamic Sharia Law and there is no such element as Haram is involved in any step of the slaughtering process.

Halal Slaughtering

The animal to be slaughtered must be from the categories that are permitted for Muslims to eat .The animal must be alive at the time of slaughter. The animal must be slaughtered by the use of a sharp knife. The windpipe (throat), food-tract and the two jugular veins must be cut. The slaughtering must be done in one stroke without lifting the knife. The knife should not be placed and lifted when slaughtering the animal. Slaughtering must be done by a sane adult Muslim. The name of Allah must be invoked (mentioned) at the time of slaughtering.

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