Halal Certification Services

What is Halal Certification?

Halal Certification means the entire process of including audit, inspection, testing and evaluation to establish that an article, product, service, manufacturing or process is in conformity with the Halal Standard, resulting in issuance of a Halal Certificate; HALAL CERTIFICATION assures that products or services are manufactured, packaged and delivered on the basis of Sharia rules and regulation.

How Does It Work?

A company interested in obtaining Halal certification through CeHA needs to complete a prescribed application form requesting Halal supervision and certification furnishing relevant details. Main steps leading to Halal certification of a facility by CEHA as follow:

  • Expression of interest from company to obtain Halal certification and CEHA’s consent.
  • To provide a list of all the products produced by it.
  • To provide a complete list of all the raw materials, ingredients, and processes used in the production of all/ each of the products produced at their plant/ facility.
  • Identification of products and facilities that the company wants to get Halal certified.
  • The formal proposal from CEHA covering scope and terms for undertaking certification.
  • Signing of an agreement by the company with CEHA as a token of acceptance of terms for the Halal certification and provision of full information and access to CEHA for initial and subsequent audit(s)/ inspection(s) of facilities for physical assessments.
  • Initial screening, audit & evaluation of the information by CEHA and relevant clarifications.
  • Physical inspection and audit of the facilities by CEHA through prior appointment.
  • Issuance of Halal certificate by CEHA for one year or more and authorization for use of its logo on labels of certified Halal products during the currency of the certification.
  • Establishment and documentation of the Halal Assurance System (HAS) at the production facility / plant by the company in consultation with CEHA. The process includes appointment of an internal Halal auditor/ coordinator and a team to implement an ongoing Halal Assurance System.
  • Submission of six monthly (biannual) report of Halal Assurance System Implemented by the company to CEHA during currency of the Halal Certificate.

The Scope of Our Halal Certification

The process of Halal Certification and its issuance under CEHA is performed by experienced Sharia Scholars, experts, and qualified researched team. Companies that are Halal Certified by CEHA can conduct and expand its business with full confidence that the process by which they are making products and ingredients which are being used are 100% Halal.  We provide Halal Certification, Halal Audit & Inspection, Halal Monitoring services to total food and non-food industry including:

  • Islamic Slaughtering, the complete supply chain of Food industry, Foods, Beverages, Ingredients, additives, flavors, essence, chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals, Herbal Products, Cosmetics, Personal Care Products, toiletries, Bakery, Food Processing, Food Supplement and other consumables.
  • Halal Certification for Food premises such as Restaurants, Hotels, Canteens, Food Chains, Hospitals, Airports, Airlines, Railways, Road-Transports etc.
  • Logistics, Packaging etc.

Halal Standard

Our Halal Certification Process is based on Pakistan Halal Standard PS 3733

Confidentiality and Impartiality

We understand that conducting our operations ethically is critical to our success,  that is why we make sure our impartiality and integrity in fulfilling our responsibilities and we believe in maintaining the confidentiality of information we have access to due to our roles.