Accredited and Globally Recognized Halal Certification Body

The word halal is a very broad term. It refers to what is permissible. However today, it is frequently applied to permissible food, drinks, cosmetics, toiletries and other consumables and wearables. It is undoubtedly clear to claim that Halal in its true sense is just another way of describing healthy, wholesome, pure and safe consumables & wearables which any health conscious consumer disregarding any religion, race or belief will feel comfortable making it part of their lives and basic needs.

Halal Certification helps specially Muslims to determine whether they are buying halal products or not. Modern food processing and globalized markets makes it hard for Muslims to know how their food is produced and where does it come from.

For this very reason halal certification is necessary to make sure that whatever the people are consuming is Halal or not. This is why Companies are seeking reliable HALAL Certification to gain consumer confidence and expand their existing markets to enhance sales strategies. Center for Halal Assurance (CEHA) is a reliable Halal Certification Body and is registered with Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP). Center for Halal Assurance is accredited and recognized as a Foreign Halal Certification Body by International Halal Integrity Alliance- IHIA. We are an exclusive country partner of Mosafer C and IHIA. We serve our respectable clients with the best of our abilities in the field of Halal to ensure that our clients are producing Halal products so that consumers feel no hesitation in buying and consuming them.

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Accreditation and Exclusive Country Partnership of Mosafer C and IHIA.

Center for Halal Assurance is delighted to announce its accreditation from International Halal Integrity Alliance - IHIA and Exclusive Country Partnership of Mosafer C and IHIA. The accreditation certificate has been issued under the authority of OIC mandate to IHIA.

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Seminar on Halal Food at PU

Center for Halal Assurance is a collaborative partner of Pak Pure-Line for one day training session on "Halal Food Safety Assurance". The session will be held at University of The Punjab, on 26th April, 2018.

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Seminar on Halal Food Safety Assurance

Center for Halal Assurance (CEHA) conducted a seminar on Halal Food Safety Assurance at Agriculture University Faisalabad. Mufti Suhaib Ashraf and Mufti Muhammad Muaz Ashraf were the keynote speakers. The event was held on December 21, 2017

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MoU Signed between CEHA and Pak-Pureline

Center for Halal Assurance signed MoU under the “Strategic Partnership Alliance” on 15th March, 2018, with Pak-Pureline. The MoU was signed by CEO Pak-Pureline, Mr. Abdul Rehman and Founding Director Center for Halal Assurance, Mufti Muhammad Muaz Ashraf. Mufti Suhaib Ashraf (Director CEHA) has also attended the MoU signing ceremony.

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Workshop on Halal Food for Women

Center for Halal Assurance in collaboration with Pak-Pureline, conducting a session on "Halal Food Safety Assurance" for females. The event will be held on 5th April, 2018, at GC women University Faisalabad.

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Halal Certification Services

As a Halal Certification body we provide Halal Certification services to our respectable clients, after careful inspection and Halal Audit,

Training | workshops | Courses

Our Halal Compliance Training courses are run by well-known and highly respected professionals in the industry.

Industries We Cover in Halal Certification

Processed Food, Ingredients & Raw Materials

All kind of edibles including confectionary & culinary products, ingredients, flavors, essence, raw materials, additives, preservatives, frozen, packed, ready to eat and ready to cook food products, spices, vegetables etc.


All kind of drinks including, Carbonated water, soft drinks, juices, Tea, Coffee, energy drinks, health drinks, syrups, water, milk etc.

Meat, Poultry, Fish & Abattoirs

Animal & chicken farming, Slaughterhouses and all kind of permissible meet & beef including cow, sheep, goat, buffalo, camel, deer and all other Halal land animals and all type of birds including chicken, turkey and also fish etc.

Cosmetics & Personal Care

All of cosmetics, personal care and beauty products, including skin care, face care, body care, hair care, color cosmetics, perfumes & fragrances, OTC products etc.

Food Services & Premises

The whole HORECA sector and food service establishments including all kinds of hotels, canteens, restaurants, cafes, fast food, diners, snack bars, catering etc.

Pharmaceutical & Health Care Products

All kind of pharmaceuticals including, antibiotics, antiseptics, antipyretics, vaccines, capsules, tablets, syrups, Chinese medicines, alternative medicines and all kind of other medicines and pharmaceutical ingredients and excipient etc.


Includes all type of nutrients, vitamins, dietary supplements, herbal & Unani products, dietary ingredients, functional foods, medicinal food, minerals, capsules, tablets etc.

Animal & Fish Feeds

Includes Feed Mills and all kind of Animal, Poultry and Fish Feed including, concentrates, cereal grains and their by-products, high-protein oil meals or cakes and feed ingredients etc.

Hospitality & Tourism

Halal tourism and hospitality covers airlines, hotels, resorts, fitness centers, tours, destinations, hospitals, clinics and other Health Care service providers which comply with the Muslim Friendly Hospitality guidelines and requirements.

Packaging Material

Covers primary & secondary packaging materials such as Cardboard, Paperboard, Chipboard Boxes, Pet & Glass Bottles, Poly Bags, Packaging Films, Pouches, Cork, Caps, Drums, Plastic, Metal & Aluminum Jars & Containers etc.

(Bio) Chemicals & Cleaning Agents

All kind of processing aids, bio-cultures and microorganisms and all kind of cleaning chemicals, hand sanitizers, disinfectants, detergents and chemicals used for cleaning food contact surfaces & machines to prevent bacterial, microbial growth etc.

Textile, Leather & Others

In this field we cover Modest Fashion products including lifestyle products and accessories, textile and leather products. We also cover, Transport and Storage, Equipment manufacturing, Veterinary services, Retail outlets; Shops; wholesalers etc.

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Alhamdulillah, It was a wonderful session! we are thankful to @IBACEIF & @MeezanBankLtd & ... particularly grateful to Mr. Ahmed A.Siddiqui -Director IBA CEIF & Mufti @iMuazAshraf Director - CEHA, for a great initiative.
May Allah Ta’ala accept this effort. Ameen
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