About Center for Halal Assurance (CEHA)

Center for Halal Assurance Pvt. Ltd (CEHA) is a leading & globally recognized Halal Certification Body duly accredited by International Halal Integrity Alliance- IHIA Malaysia and an exclusive country partner of Mosafer C and IHIA. It operates in active collaboration with different international and local organizations under a joint MoU. The CEHA runs under its Board of Directors and the guidance of its strong Sharia Advisory Board, Technical Experts and Sharia Coordinators across the globe working with different Islamic Seminaries (Darul Ulooms).The company has been established to promote Halal consumption globally by offering Halal Certification Services to total food and non-food industry which includes, all kind of Food & Beverages, Pharmaceutical, Ingredients, Cosmetics, Personal Care, Packaging, Slaughtering, Hotel & Restaurants and many other industries. CEHA caters to all important international and regional Halal standards including Pakistan Halal Standards, GSO Halal standards, UAE Halal standards, OIC-SMIIC Halal standards & Malaysian Halal standards etc. To facilitate its clients, CEHA offers Halal Certification services as per the client’s export requirements, acceptable all over the world.

We bring in a unique blend of qualification and experience in the field of Sharia and technical areas. Our comprehensive Team of Professionals & Certified Auditors compromising globally recognized Sharia Experts, Food Technologists, Nutritionists, Microbiologists, Veterinarians, Cosmetics, Chemical, Pharmaceutical Experts & Researchers.

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