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Learn and Lead the Industry!

It is very important to build knowledge about Halal industry among the masses. CEHA as a Halal Certification body understands the need of education and capacity building programs. We conduct training sessions and workshops covering the whole range of topics related to Halal Industry. Our Experience Based learning methods, Role Plays and Case Studies equip participants with the essential knowledge and skills to transform them into leaders.

Pre-dominant features covered in training sessions and courses are as follows:

  • The basics of Halal from the Sharia Perspective.
  • Halal Production Requirements for Dairy Products
  • Halal Production Requirements for Fish and Seafood
  • Halal Production Requirements for Cereal and Confectionery
  • Halal Production Requirements for Leather Industries
  • Halal Production Requirements for Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical
  • Critical Halal Ingredients
  • Halal Slaughtering Process and Requirements
  • Alcohol in Halal Food Production
  • Food Ingredients in Halal Food Production
  • Pakistan Halal Standard 3733
  • Animal Feed and Halal Food