What We Offer – Overview

Under Halal umbrella we offer a number of Halal solutions and services both domestically and internationally mainly covering the following areas:

Halal Certification, Halal Audit and Inspection services for:

• Islamic Slaughtering, Sea Food, Foods & Beverages, Fruits, vegetables; cereals; spices; horticultural products & Products with long shelf life at ambient temperature etc.
• Perishable animal products; Poultry, Eggs, Diary and Fish products etc.
• Ingredients, Chemicals, Additives, Flavors, Essence, Chemicals etc.
• Cosmetics, Personal Care Products, Toiletries, textile, leather products etc.
• Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals, Herbal Products, dietary supplements; cleaning agents; processing aids, bio-cultures and microorganisms etc.
• Logistics, Transport, storage and Packaging.
• Catering, Outlets, Food Premises (Restaurants, Hotels, Canteens Food Chains, Hospitals, Airports, Airlines)
• Animal Feed

  • CEHA covers all Halal related services being offered under one umbrella.