Research Paper Presentation

Alhamdulillah, It’s indeed an honour for us that Mufti Muhammad Muaz Ashraf – Director Center for Halal Assurance, has presented his research paper in front of Imam-e-Ka’ba, فضيلة الشيخ الدكتور صالح بن حميد حفظه الله and received a souvenir from his hands. The topic of his research paper was “The Sharia Status of Stem Cells, Artificial (Synthetic) Meat and Genetically Modified Organisms”.

Dr. Saleh Bin Humaid is also the chairman of International Islamic Fiqh Academy (مجمع الفقهي الاسلامي)(OIC) and Advisor to King Salman (Saudia Arabia). The conference on Halal Food was organised by IIUI in collaboration with International Islamic Fiqh Academy.

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